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LPG Document Library

// Industry - Data Centres

SAPPHIRE Data Centre Application PDF >>

iFLOW Data Centre Application PDF >>

// Industry - Marine

SAPPHIRE Marine Application PDF >>

// Industry - Petrochemical, Oil and Gas (POG) Facilities

iFLOW POG Application PDF >>

// Industry - Power Generation

SAPPHIRE Power-Generation Application PDF >>

iFLOW Power-Generation Application PDF >>

// Product - autopulse

AUTOPULSE Z-20 Overview PDF >>

AUTOPULSE Z-20 Technical Data PDF >>

// Product - FM200

FM-200 Product Overview PDF >>

// Product - High Pressure CO2

CO2 brochure PDF >>

// Product - iFLOW

iFLOW Product Overview PDF >>

iFLOW Datasheet PDF >>

iFLOW IG-55 Container PDF >>

// Product - SAPPHIRE

SAPPHIRE Brochure PDF >>

SAPPHIRE Product Overview PDF >>

SAPPHIRE Environmental Warranty PDF >>

SAPPHIRE Environmental Warranty, Registration Form PDF >>

SAPPHIRE Datasheet 42 bar PDF >>


SAPPHIRE® COMPACT Product Overview PDF >>



SAPPHIRE COMPACT Installation Guide PDF >>

Detection Tube & Connectors Assembly Instruction Sheet PDF >>

Alarm Unit Instruction Sheet PDF >>

// Product - SAPPHIRE_PLUS

SAPPHIRE® Acoustic Nozzles PDF >>

SAPPHIRE® PLUS Suppression Systems PDF >>

SAPPHIRE® PLUS Total Flood Fire Suppression System PDF >>

SAPPHIRE® PLUS Engineering Specification PDF >>

// Technical White Papers

White Paper: Protection of Data Centres PDF >>

White Paper: Impact of Sound on Computer HDDs PDF >>

White Paper: Eurofeu Position Paper on Particulate Aerosols PDF >>